We are proud and privileged to work closely with Ibiza Superfoods whose blends complement our Morna Food Strategy perfectly.


Ibiza Superfoods is an innovative company with a fresh and forward approach to wellness and nutrition. Understanding the demands of 21st Century living they have designed three unique blends to target the work hard/play hard lifestyle. Each botanical blend is 100% organic and has been formulated and designed to deliver a one-hit daily dose of targeted nutrients.



In addition to their fantastic range of carefully selected and sourced superfoods,they are also very passionate about juicing. They have been providing the ‘A’ list and resident islanders with powerful detox and energising juice cleanses – making them THE ‘go to’ detox company on the island.

Our combined expertise in detoxing and transformational retreats ensure that our carefully devised ‘Juice Me Up’ retreat programme delivers powerful results.


The Disco Mix – a powerful blend of Baobab and Maca, two natural sources of vitamin C and iron, combined with potent botanicals, Guarana and Siberian Ginseng makes this a great quick-fix energy booster. It helps to bring clarity and mental alertness, combatting stress and fatigue – like natures own energy drink.

The Detox Mix – a premium blend of superfoods and botanicals to support healthy detoxification and elimination. Ibiza Superfoods has gone to great lengths to source the cleanest chlorella they can find alongside nature’s most potent ingredients to cleanse and purify. This blend is bursting with antioxidants and plant-based nutrients – providing a natural source of vitality throughout the day.

The Fit Mix – a power protein blend designed to support and give your metabolism a healthy boost. Blended to provide key nutrients such as iodine in optimum daily amounts to support healthy thyroid function. It also contains Green Tea extract and Goji Berry, rich sources of antioxidants that help increase metabolic rate to manage weight control.

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