Modern day living often leaves us little time or energy to think about our food choices and their impact on our health.

Fasting & cleansing acts as a catalyst for change & transformation. Not only will your physical body feel the benefits but you will feel subtle shifts in your mind & mental state as your body begins to rid itself of toxins & impurities, bringing a sense of emotional calm and mental clarity.


There are many reported benefits to a detox, just to name a few…

• Increased energy & vitality
• Better digestion & absorption
• Improved mood & emotional wellbeing
• Enhanced mental clarity & concentration
• Enhanced creativity & focus
• Brighter eyes and clearer skin
• Boosted immunity & natural defence
• Lowered cholesterol & blood pressure
• Weight loss (if desired)


Every type of food in the world has come under some form of scrutiny with the notable exception of fruits and vegetables. These foods nourish the body, flush toxins, help prevent and fight disease, contain more vitamins and minerals than you can count, and there isn’t a single human being on this planet with any shred of common sense that could possibly argue against these amazing natural foods.

Organic cold-pressed juices act as vitamin infusions and will provide an extraordinary boost to your health and wellbeing. Drinking these easily absorbed freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices will detoxify your body, give your skin a glow and boost your immune system.

Using fresh organic, local & seasonal produce together with nature’s most potent ‘superfoods’ your system will be flooded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & living enzymes.