We love food!

Healthy Food. Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

RAW Living Gourmet Food – A Total Health Strategy.
As part of your retreat experience we serve nothing but healthy, honest food. Our private gourmet chefs cook on site and specialise in preparing delicious, mouthwatering and varied 50% RAW Food 50% Vegan menus packed with nutrients and using only the finest fresh, 100% organic produce. Prior to starting your meal our chefs will always explain what you are eating and are happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to wonder into the kitchen at any time. (You will soon discover why they are Ibiza’s best loved chefs!)

The RAW and Vegan lifestyle is one of the most talked about and misconceived diets in the world. Some of the misconceptions are that people think all RAW food is cold and not very filling, and Vegan food to be boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Expect delicious spring rolls, burgers, sushi and not to forget the mouthwatering muffins and cheesecake desserts! The chefs will perform some magic in the kitchen and transform the (homegrown) organic ingredients into delicious, guilt free dishes that will detox you from the inside out. If you have any misconceptions about RAW and Vegan food then we have little doubt these will all have disappeared by the end of the week. Not only will you be surprised by the amazing flavours, within just a few days you will start to feel the difference!


Our chefs love sharing their knowledge and skills so we have included a fun and interactive group workshop in the retreat programme. The workshop is about becoming aware of super foods, learning how to bake healthy bread and cook RAW meals including amazing healthy cakes and desserts! Taste all the food made that day and return with inspiration, ideas and recipe sheets for you to try at home.

We are so excited about our food strategy and the amazing and talented chefs that are an inspiration to us all  – we cannot wait to share all this goodness with you!


Mealtimes can be enjoyed in the cosy dining area or on the veranda by the pool and are a time to unwind, socialise and have fun. With first class service, our team take care to ensure you have a great dining experience – pure healthy food complemented with beautifully set, candlelit tables which allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the food and ambience.

In addition to the healthy menus we serve slow ‘cold pressed’ green juices as part of the daily diet. Unlike other blending methods, a cold press won’t oxidise or degrade the nutritional content and enzymes of the fruit and vegetables and, as the juice requires hardly any digestion, nutrients are rapidly absorbed, eliminating toxins, cleansing and detoxing your body. These juices will make you glow from the inside out.