We are fortunate to have on our team some of the most fabulous, talented and professional people on the island. Incredible chefs who delight in sharing their recipes with you and our amazing SUP yoga and yoga teachers who love to impart their knowledge and passion for what they do and are dedicated to improving your meditation skills and helping you accomplish new yoga positions.

Whatever your reason for booking a retreat; whether a simple break from the stresses of work and home or you are looking for a transformational life change our team are here to look after you every step during this journey all with just one goal – to ensure that your stay is a truly unforgettable experience.

Our dedicated house team is on hand to organise all the arrangements for your weekly programme, menus and activities and we look forward to taking care of you.

The team is headed by the Hacienda’s friendly Dutch owner, Steph, who has opened the door to her lovely home to share this magical sanctuary with you. After having hosted many retreats at the Hacienda for other teachers, therapists and healers from all over the globe, she felt it was time to use all the experience and knowledge she gained from this to host her own retreats. She founded ‘Morna Retreats’ and hasn’t looked back since. Steph speaks four languages and has a background in hospitality and Interior Styling which makes her the ideal hostess. Her warm welcome, attention to detail, knowledge of the island and ‘can do’ approach will ensure your retreat break is very special indeed. With her passion for caring, extensive experience in retreat hospitality and fabulous hosting skills you can be assured that every aspect of your stay at the Hacienda will be as perfect as can be.

Our amazingly talented chefs, Roger and Cristina, will simply cook up a storm during your stay at Hacienda Morna. Cristina’s contagious bright smile lights up the kitchen and Roger is the sweetest guy you could come across and a pleasure to be around. They are very much into food awareness and ecology and their boundless creativity and inspirational passion for healthy and delicious food becomes evident with every dish they present.

After working in restaurants for over 15 years, with very little time to put love into their dishes they are now passionate about cooking at our retreats – taking care of people with the power of food. Working in the tranquil surroundings of the Hacienda and the ability to cook in peace, with plenty of time to put passion into their dishes, is such that they now couldn’t imagine going back to the stresses of restaurant kitchens.

They love sharing their knowledge about food and health and we believe that the secret ingredient behind all their amazing dishes is the love and care they have for each other and for what they believe in. Not only does their food look amazing it tastes as good as it looks! Be sure to have your camera ready at serving time as each dish is a true work of art that oozes health, beauty and love. Roger and Cristina are a match made in heaven and we couldn’t imagine not having them in our kitchen.

The beautiful, energetic and kind Shankara is not only an amazing teacher, within minutes of meeting her you will feel like you have made a new friend for life. Shankara brights up a room with her energy and presence. Put her together with our beautiful chef Cristina and there is no need for lightbulbs anymore – these girls shine

From a very early age she had a natural interest in everything holistic. As she grew up she developed a love for dance, healthy living and trained in various holistic disciplines. She specialised in Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates and Body Balance (a combination of Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates). She completed several courses in Acroyoga, Hatha, Asthanga Yoga & Dynamic Yoga. From there on her love for the active lifestyle drew her into SUP Yoga. Her natural talent made her excel in this field to a level that she is now one of the worlds most desirable SUP Yoga teachers. She divides her time between Ibiza, Hawaii & Brasil teaching and anyone taken under her wings can be assured she will bring out the best in them.

She has a deeply caring nature and this shines through in all she does, wether it is a chat with the guests showing true interest in their lives and stories, helping them acquire SUP skills or accomplish new Yoga positions on the board, it is alway evident that she cares about people and nature. She dedicates a lot of her time to helping others and is the Co-director of the NGO ChildsRights which focuses on offering a worthy future to children living in the streets of India.

In addition to all the amazing things she does she also is a highly regarded teacher in the art of Indian dance and a specialist in Hawaiian culture and dance – it is not uncommon she ends up getting everyone dancing on the beach after the sunset boat excursion so bring your dancing shoes (flip flops!) with you.

Anneke has the ability to make people smile and feel good, just by being herself. She loves teaching at retreats where she has a genuine interest in meeting new people and imparting her knowledge in the relaxed environment at the Hacienda.

What we love about her is the flexibility she offers to our retreat guests. Having the ability to teach multiple variations of yoga she tailors her session each day to suit the group and the programme.

If the daily programme has been rather active, with maybe a sup SUP session and a workshop on the programme, she will hold a very relaxing and meditative Yin Yoga session for the evening. However, if the afternoon was spent lounging around the pool she will get everyone awake for dinner by teaching a Power Yoga class keeping the tempo upbeat and active.

Everybody always loves her partner yoga classes – we hear lots of laughter coming from the yoga area during these sessions – something we love the sound of! One of the reasons we feel lucky to have Anneke on the Morna Team is that she has a natural talent of adding the fun factor to everything she does including the yoga sessions.

She never fails to make time getting to know the group and her friendly and positive manner makes her loved by all that meet her – she is fun to be around and her yoga classes are a real (re)treat!

Rhona is another true gem and will take care of you like no other. Travelling a lot to spread and extend her knowledge, we feel rather privileged to have her with us for our retreats.

Rhona finished her BSc Psychology and MA Anthropology at Goldsmiths College in London. She gained a lot of hands on experience throughout her studies and is currently training to become a Positive Psychologist. In addition, she is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher recognised by the US and European Yoga Alliance and has been taught by the director of Still Flowing Yoga in Hatha Yoga and Meditation, both founded upon Mindfulness. She has since extended her knowledge in Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Coaching and Nutrition.

As part of the retreat experience she takes our guests on the most amazing Silent meditation walks, one of the (many) highlights of the week. She knows the island like no other and her walks always start and end in the most beautiful places; taking the group off the beaten track to see some of the island’s hidden gems that even we didn’t know existed and most tourists would never get to experience. Her walks are a combination of meditation, mindfulness, movement and Yin Yoga whilst discovering the island. These walks are completely unique and a result of her many years of practice and experience all combined into one.

What we really love about Rhona’s walks is that she allows the meditation to evolve naturally and in a completely different way than one might expect. The entire walk is pretty astonishing and one of those life changing experiences that you won’t easily forget.  They always end in an island beauty spot for a delightful picnic brunch prepared by Roger and Cristina. Here, she will ensure everyone enjoys a magical time whilst sharing her amazing stories with you.

The gorgeous Laura takes care of all the pampering at Hacienda Morna. After finishing three  years studying Anatomy and Physiology she continued with her studies, qualifying in beauty therapy and massage – where she specialised in holistic and aroma therapies.

Laura ran a successful practice in the UK for eight years before she decided to make the permanent move to Ibiza where she now lives, full time, with her husband and two beautiful little girls. It didn’t take long for people to recognise her qualities and Laura has since gained a reputation as being one of the best, most respected and sought after therapists on the island.

One of her favourite parts of the job is working on retreats as she believes this environment really compliments the therapies she offers.

What we love about Laura is that prior to each individual treatment she will take some time to have a chat with you from where you jointly decide what type of treatment you and your body need most at that specific time. Her wonderful treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and will most definitely be another one of the highlights of your retreat.